Relation of Calgary SEO and increasing business sales

All businesses are established to attain certain goals and milestones over a certain timeline. No matter what their final goals may be, every business aims at one thing forever – sales which generate profits. It is a common knowledge that every business owner wants to operate in the profit zone which is why the the concept of market orientation has been become very essential.



With the growth and reach of internet technology and it’s increasing role in generating sales for a business, the businesses are shifting their focus on going digital inorder to bring up their revenues via online transactions. The main tool which evidently aims at increasing online transactions via channelizing web traffic to the business’ website is the SEO Service offered by various Web Design Companies.

However it is important to realise and acknowledge the fact that opting for SEO does not guarantee sales all the time. There are many other factors which come into play for a visitor to be converted into a sales transaction other than just page ranking. So this piece of information is for all the present and potential business owners who think that SEO is their magic wand to generate online sales revenue.

Successful SEO implementation is one of the main components of an all rounded online strategy unlike the myth that it can solely generate revenues. After the pages are ranked successfully on leading search engines, there are four other factors which needs to be analysed closely inorder to ensure that the online strategy is in place.

First – the ClickThruRate (CTR). SEO makes your business visible and attempts to lure the users to click on the business link thereby bringing traffic to the website. Top 5 links are most likely to be clicked on, so set your SEO target accordingly.
Second – keep a track of the bounce rate of your visitors. if it is high, try to find the reason for this withdrawal. the problem may be lying in the website design and structure!
Third – Time spent on the business site is one of the main criteria to be checked constantly. industry standards suggests that an average time on page/site is 2.5 minutes per user. If it is around this standard or lower, the problem might be customer engagement. The website might need a UX overhaul.
Fourth- Ease in transacting and assured safety. the easier you make for the user to use and trust your site, the chances of sales conversion will be higher.

Don’t forget, although the transactions are done online, but the buyer is still a human. A little human touch never harmed anybody!

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